Biggest Pharmaceutical Online Pharmacy


All Online pharmacies usually keep a high-quality stock of products with them. They make certain that a wide array of medicines and other health products are obtainable to a customer at any point of time. Be it Viagra, Cialis, Phentermine, Adipex, or any other   online  recommendation, all  drugs  are available at these stores. In other words, an online pharmacy store is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without any break.

The remuneration of such online pharmacy stores are many. One can  buy  any prescribed  drug , or a generic  drug , any time from an  online  pharmacy. The  drugs  are delivered to the customer in the privacy of his home. One can save a lot of time this way. One can even  buy   drugs  like generic Cialis or even prescribed Cialis that one may otherwise hesitate in  buying . Cialis is an ED treatment  drug  and can be called as super Viagra.

As soon as the future was predicted in  online  trading, the  online  pharmacies jumped at the opportunity and offered popular  drugs  through  Online  Prescription []. Many brick-and-mortar pharmacies felt the heat of overnight popularity of pharmacy online. The situation became increasingly competitive in the US, which is considered as one of the biggest pharmaceutical market.

The best part for the  online  pharmacies was the advent of ED  drugs  like Viagra and Cialis [] around about the same time when the Internet boom was at its zenith. The  online  pharmacies not only offered  online  prescriptions for safe  buying  of the  drugs  but also offered heavy discounts on  drugs  and their generic versions. The popular  drugs  like Phentermine, Adipex and Viagra sold like hot cakes in the virtual world.

Now, the online pharmacies are no longer considered an anathema at least by the patients, whose lives it touched so gently. All that is required is some regulations in place that can ensure the patient safety.


Canadian Drugs Online


 Online  Canadian pharmacies deliver safe and reliable  drugs  to consumers globally. Many licensed  online  pharmacies offer  drugs  to consumers who may order for the same  online .

With help of an  online  ordering system, prescription and non-prescription quality  drugs  are safely supplied to customers. Orders are processed only for valid and original prescriptions from a qualified and licensed medical practitioner. Some pharmacists arrange for a Canadian physician to analyze and sign prescriptions to ensure safety and genuineness of prescriptions. They provide  drugs  only with prescriptions and also ship the  drugs  to customers.

 Online  Canadian pharmacies have earned accreditations and have recently become very trusted sources for providing cheap and top quality  drugs . These  online  drugstores also offer over the counter  drugs  and important  drugs  that are at times not easily available in US. It is mandatory for these online drugstores to be members of Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association.

Service provided is usually friendly and prompt, when customers order for Canadian  drugs   online . Such customer service agents generally have a pharmacy background, and are professionally equipped to assist patients when they call the toll-free numbers provided by their site. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are accessible throughout the week to assist orders placed by a customer. Safety of  drugs  is assured, and they are accepted and checked by regulatory bodies in Canada. It generally takes about 3 to 4 weeks to deliver Canadian  drugs  to US customers.

The danger of purchasing a non-standardized  drug  is higher If Canadian  drugs  are ordered  online  without proper verification. It may be possible that some  drugs  sold  online  are not approved by Health Canada, the regulatory body. There have been such complaints from consumers who have  bought   drugs  from an  online  Canadian pharmaceutical. Hence, it is judicious to ensure that Web sites selling  drugs  are not illegal. It is advisable to deal with legitimate pharmacies or well-known  online  Canadian  drug  stores.


Get Your Prescription Drug Online


Prescription  drugs  used to treat and cure certain diseases are quite expensive. With the increasing number of people suffering from complicated diseases that require long-term treatment, the need for inexpensive alternatives is being felt by a lot of people. Diseases like cancer, HIV, AIDS, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems and multiple sclerosis require high doses of daily medication. In such cases, medical bills alone can come to thousands of dollars per month. Unfortunately, many families are either underinsured or uninsured. So, they have to take a decision between paying for their medication and paying for their daily needs. At one time, there were abundant stories of people even cutting down on dosages because they simply could not afford the prescribed dosages!

It is possible for customers to purchase prescription  drugs  at discounted prices by purchasing them from  online  pharmacies. An online chemist is a service provider who provides the same selection of services and products that you find in your local chemist’s shop, but on the Internet. This allows customers to shop for and buy quality health and beauty products from the comfort of their home or office. Most importantly, online pharmacies are a surefire way to cut huge medical costs because of the attractive discounts offered.

If you are wondering how online pharmacies are able to offer you highly discounted prices, the answer is quite simple. Firstly, online store fronts save a good deal of money on storage space, since they do not need to put up a brick and mortar shop in a centrally located, costly area. These shops generally market directly out of their storage spaces located in the suburbs. Many online pharmacies also interact directly with customers, thus cutting the cost incurred by middlemen and retailers.

However, unlike purchasing other merchandise, one has to be pretty careful while getting prescription  drugs   online .

As you know, prescription  drugs  are approved for treatment only after they undergo rigorous testing and clinical studies. Appropriate government agencies are required to approve a particular  drug  before it can hit the market. Thus, it is plain to see that the government takes a number of precautionary steps to ensure that the prescription  drugs  it releases are safe and effective. However, when you purchase prescription  drugs   online , it is important to remember that many of these online shops are in fact scam sites that want to make some quick money. So before you  buy  your prescription  drug   online , take steps to ensure that the site you are making your purchase from is a legitimate pharmacy.

A number of online pharmacies are run by registered pharmacists. Since these pharmacies are overseen by practicing pharmacists, you can purchase prescription  drugs   online  from them without worrying about the quality of your merchandise.

To make it easy for you to purchase online, choose an online pharmacy that also offers competitive prescription services. One of the major benefits of getting your prescription  drugs   online  is the ability to purchase from the international market. Many pharmacies deliver internationally although they will have to stick to the strict guidelines laid by various countries regarding the type of items that maybe delivered into these countries.

Purchasing your prescription  drugs   online  is convenient, discreet and fast. Only exercise caution and make sure that you  buy  from a reputed  online  store.


Advantages of Online Pharmacy


With booming growth of e-commerce, online pharmacy is catching the attention of millions of people throughout the world. With hectic schedules in life, people are facing shortage of time and in such a situation, online pharmacy is an amazing way of obtaining desired medicine without leaving home, without visiting a doctor.

To define online pharmacy, it is a legitimate pharmacy site on the Internet that provides its customer prescription medicine conveniently and in complete privacy. They are monitored by state pharmaceutical board and are abided by some legal and ethical principles.

Initially,   online  pharmacy was established for the U.S. Food and  Drug  Administration approved medication targeting quality healthcare but nowadays, there are numerous such pharmacies that are selling inefficient quality, contaminated and counterfeit  drugs .

As we know, it is very tiresome to visit a doctor and wait for the turn outside his chamber, even if you got the chance, there is no guarantee that you will get every detail of the ailment and about the treatment,but by using the Internet, you can have a better idea about the disease and can gather information about an appropriate  drugs  according to its review.

Online pharmacy is a best option to the people who loves privacy. There are many diseases which people feel embarrassed to share with others. So, the  online  pharmacy can deliver them the required  drugs  confidentially.

For the convenience of the people, many reputed online pharmacy have licensed medical practitioner working with them, so they offer online prescription, free online consultation along with 24/7 customer care service so that you can call them at any time in case of emergency. It is always good to take prescription medicine rather than the medicine of your choice, because by doing so you can minimize the risk factor associated with the use of that  drug .

Apart from this,  online  pharmacy gives you the  drugs  in very competitive market price, they offer discount on popular medication and offer more discount if you make a reorder. People mostly choose online pharmacy to save their money, time and privacy.

 Online  pharmacy delivers the  drug  to your doorsteps and they need minimum of 48 hours to do so,keeping this fact in mind, you need to make the order in advance and should look for other options in case of emergency.

Moreover,there are numerous reports of people being duped by not delivering the  drugs  in time and delivery of bad quality  drugs  of uneven dosage. But you can prevent yourself by ordering the  drugs  only from the state licensed  online  pharmacy and taking consultation only from licensed physician. In addition, always ensure that their telephone number is working and is effectively on service.


Discount Canadian Drugs Online


 Online  Canadian drugstores are able to offer up to an 85% discount on more than 3000 brand names of medicines and generic  drugs . Most  drugs  are similar to or the same as those manufactured in US. Canadian pharmacies provide a generic version of the same  drug  at a lesser price. Such  drugs  need not be considered to be of inferior quality on the basis of the low cost.

Isolated pills

Isolated pills

Branded  drugs  normally cost more than generic  drugs .  Online  Canadian pharmacies offer generic  drugs  at about 45% less than the cost of brand-name  drugs . At the same time, it is ensured that active ingredients in both generic and brand-name  drugs  meet same scientific standards.

The risk of purchasing a non-standardized  drug  considerably increases when customers order Canadian  drugs  at discounted rates  online . Some discounted Canadian  drugs  that are sold  online  may not be accepted by Health Canada, the regulatory body for the country’s pharmacy industry. There have been complaints from consumers who have purchased discounted prescription  drugs  from certain  online  Canadian pharmaceutical companies. In many of these cases, the  drugs  provided were not from a Canadian pharmacy as claimed. They were instead manufactured in third world countries. In some cases,  drugs  were not delivered despite payment being processed.

Timely delivery of  drugs  is another important factor for consideration. If delivered too late, they may not serve the purpose they have been bought for. Customers also need to make sure that the quality of these is up to the required standard. A check on consumer protection agencies? Web sites will show if there have been any previous complaints. It is highly advisable to deal with a legitimate pharmacy or well-known  online  Canadian  drug  stores.

By providing  drugs  at discounted costs,  online  pharmacies based in Canada have eased worries regarding high medication costs for many Americans. The customer friendly attitude of Canadian  online  pharmacies makes the experience of  buying   drugs  over Internet a favorable option.


Canadian Drugs are Cheap, But are They Legal?


Americans have begun  buying  their prescription  drugs   online  from internet pharmacies based in Canada. If you’ve ever looked at some of these Canadian  drug  websites, you may have noticed that many of the  drugs  are 80% cheaper in Canada then they are in the United States, which begs several questions.

Firstly, Canadians pay fantastically less for the same medicines than Americans because the Canadian government stipulates a price ceiling at which they allow  drug  manufacturers to sell to Canadian  drug  distributors, and the government also controls the prices at which Canadian distributors can then sell those  drugs  to the public. So, the pharmaceutical industry is tightly regulated and price controlled by the Canadian government, resulting in very cheap, very affordable prescription  drugs .

This socialized system for prescription  drugs  is not anywhere to be found in the United States. In the U.S.,  drug  companies are allowed to sell medicines to the public at whatever prices the market can bear. Isn’t that nice? We live in a country so free that our  drug  companies can charge us $350 for 20 tablets of Viagra or Cialis, whereas in Canada you can get it for $90.

As a result of these enormous price discrepancies, internet pharmaceutical suppliers in Canada have launched extensive marketing campaigns targeted at the U.S. to capitalize on the American demand for affordable prescriptions. Visit any search engine and type in the words “Canada  drugs ” or simply type in the name of any prescription  drug  you can think of, and you’ll find a ton of Canadian-themed sponsored links for  online  pharmacies based in Canada selling  drugs  that are so cheap it makes your eyes pop.

But is this legal? According to the FDA, the importation or re-importation of  drugs  into this country from a foreign source is against the law. Simply put, it is technically illegal to  buy   drugs  from Canada that were either manufactured in Canada or manufactured in the United States and then sold to Canadian distributors. Is this dumb? Absolutely. The FDA says that they can’t guarantee the “quality” of the  drugs  from Canada, that these  drugs  might be dangerous, that they might have been poorly manufactured or improperly formulated, or manufactured in facilities in Southeast Asia.

So, the FDA is dismissing the idea of allowing Americans to legally purchase  drugs  from Canada because the products might have been made in a bathtub in Cambodia, because I suppose Canadians are too dumb to make this stuff on their own. This is an absurd excuse on the part of the FDA. The FDA could regulate the Canadian pharmaceutical trade, and investigate as to which Canadian pharmacies,  online  or offline, are making the  drugs  themselves and/or  buying  the  drugs  directly from American  drug  manufacturers, as opposed to those that are making them in foreign countries. Most of the  drugs  sold by Canadian internet pharmacies are  drugs  that were made in the USA, and have simply been sold to Canadian distributors. Some of these  drugs  are manufactured by Canadian manufacturers. But rather than publish a buyers guide for Americans and allowing us to  buy  our  drugs  from “certified Canadian pharmacies”, they make the whole practice illegal to increase the profitability of the American  drug  industry.

Yes, it is true that there are some rogue companies on the internet masquerading as Canadian pharmacies that are actually Mexican pharmacies that don’t even have a doctor and pharmacist review your medical history before sending you the medicine. But the FDA could easily set up a legal Canadian-American  drug  trade where the FDA makes it legal for Americans to  buy  their  drugs  from a select group of Canadian pharmacies that  buy  all their products directly from the U.S. or manufacture their  drugs  in the facilities of Canada’s major  drug  companies.

This isn’t likely to happen, however, because we have an administration in Washington that is for the corporations and by the corporations, and an FDA whose sole purpose is to protect the windfall profits of the  drug  manufacturers while allowing  drug  companies to make and sell hugely overpriced, noxious  drugs  that kill us, like Vioxx and others they’ve allowed onto the market that produce harmful and sometimes lethal side effects.

If the FDA sponsored a system of legal and regulated prescription  drug   buying  from Canada, this would force American pharmaceutical companies to drop their prices by 80% to compete, resulting in a better situation for the consumer. The  drug  companies would still make profits, because the demand for the  drugs  would go up tremendously if they suddenly became affordable for people without health insurance, but the profits wouldn’t quite be the same.

For the time being, Americans will continue to have to choose between  buying  food for their family or  buying  health insurance they can’t afford that hardly covers the costs of the  drugs  they can’t  buy .